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Latest News on our space projects and operations.


EMTECH SPACE P.C. highlights SimBridge at Simulation and EGSE for Space Programmes - SESP2017 workshop

The workshop on Simulation for European Space Programmes (SESP) is organized by ESA for more than 20 years on a bi-annual basis. It is a uniquely focused forum where representatives of Space Agencies and Industry can present and discuss the current state-of-the-art as well as future trends and needs. This year, SESP2017 was held from 28 to 30 March at ESTEC (European Space Research and Technology Centre) facilities in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

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EMTECH SPACE P.C. participates in “Next generation simulators infrastructure – SIMULUS-NG” ESA project with Telespazio VEGA leading the consortium

EMTECH and Telespazio VEGA (TZV) have been in close contact, however without having the chance to work together in a space software activity, until recently. Today, EMTECH is a subcontractor of TZV study, namely SIMULUS-NG, which has been awarded by ESA/ESOC.

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ESA awards “Pre-verification of THOR Electro Magnetic Cleanliness Approach” project to EMTECH-SPACE P.C. consortium.

EMTECH-SPACE P.C. consortium has been awarded by ESA/ESTEC for a new contract. The project to be executed and the deliverables required by ESA are in relation to the “Pre-Verification of THOR Electro-Magnetic Cleanliness Approach” activity.

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our company
Our Company


Who we are


EMTech is a company interested in research and development for software development services focused in the space sector. The company initiated operations in 2008 and within short time proved to be a reliable partner, playing a key role in several small and medium scale projects.


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Products and Services


Modern methodologies and quality products.


Software engineering for space applications involves delicate design and development approaches. For more than five years, EMTech strictly follows ECSS space engineering and quality assurance standards, delivering high quality products and services for ground segment applications. As being a small and flexible team, we tailor our project management approaches according to the appropriate scheme, thus being able to adapt between Waterfall and Agile methodologies.


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what we research and develop
Research & Development


Innovative technological research.


Research and development activities are of utmost importance for EMTech. By being a small and flexible startup company, we dedicate more than 50% of our labor in research innovation of state-of-the-art space and ground segment software solutions. Although in such cases starting TRL level is low, our major concern is to always adhere to space software engineering standards, even when aiming at proof-of-concept. Agile project management methodology, web-based collaboration tools, and virtual team working environment, allow our staff members to play key roles by also participating in R&D consortiums with other companies, academic and research institutes.


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From Athens Greece, reaching out to the Cosmos.


44 Kifisias Ave., Marousi
15125 Athens, Greece
tel: +30 2106528527
fax: +30 2106528717


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