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Who we are




Our involvement with spacecraft operational simulators.

EMTech is interested in software engineering services focused on space applications. The company initiated operations in 2008 and within short time proved to be a reliable partner, playing a key role in several innovative projects.

Since 2009, EMTech has been actively involved with spacecraft operational simulators. The company has been awarded by ESA with projects targeting to parallelization and performance optimization of the simulation infrastructure software that ESA/ESOC utilizes for both training and mission-specific purposes. So far, EMTech has delivered two major products to ESA/ESOC; a multi-threaded scheduler based on Conservative Parallel Discrete Event Simulation concepts (C-PDES) suitable for SIMSAT, and a Performance Control and Optimization Framework (PCOF) facilitating investigation and optimization of spacecraft operational simulators.

In 2010 EMTech was selected by ESA/ESOC to be a Qualified Partner (QPA) under the Competitive Frame Contracts for “Ground System Software Related Activities (2010 – 2014)” (the “GFC8 Frame Contracts”).

EMTech is a founding member of the si-Cluster (the Hellenic Space Technologies and Applications Cluster), an emerging, industrially-led and user-driven innovation cluster in Greece, with a sizeable potential to compete worldwide in the challenging and fast-growing sector of space technologies and applications.


Our mission in space


Our methodology and our vision.

EMTech’s mission is to actively participate in space & ground segment simulation fields. Space related applications, is an engineering area vastly taking advantage of simulation and artificial reality technologies.

Our principal interests are design and development of space system models, both regarding spacecrafts and ground segment, as well as algorithms and techniques involved in software infrastructures supporting simulator engines. Our belief is that interconnections and bridging between different simulation environments, will leverage very complicated Model Driven Architecture based developments, towards optimized and economically efficient solutions.

EMTech is built upon a culture of respect, honesty, teamwork, and a philosophy that ensures the provision of value and quality in every task we perform. Our will is to become an internationally recognized firm by providing solutions of high quality and sophistication level in the fields of Space Applications and Simulations Software.

In EMTech “we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.“(Aristotle).




The company's structure

EMTech’s major advantage is flexibility in taking decisions and ability to promptly adapt to the continuously varying environment of innovation. On the one hand, this agile approach in our management philosophy has several similarities to a startup company, while on the other hand, a well-defined organization structure provides a stable basis for successful operations and overall business development.

The following figure is an outline of EMTech’s overall organization chart. The head of the diagram is the General Management that includes Management, Financial, Human Resources, Business Development and Quality Assurance. The company is subdivided into three sections: Research & Development, Products & Services and Marketing & Sales. EMTech is supported by external Partners for several business matters, such as legal, accounting and banking. EMTech gives significant value in having access to a pool of free-lance engineers of high level specialization, and establishing and maintaining relations and partnerships with various academic organizations and research laboratories to strengthen its human resources.

organization chart of EMTech
EMTech's organization chart

The company is currently privately held and supported by own financial investments. The company’s plans are targeting to a more aggressive business strategy in order for its financial figures to be increased and force its development to a more accelerated route.


Our people, our team


The team behind the name.

The EMTech crew is a small team of managers and engineers, most of young age, eager to face new challenges and overcome obstacles, but always in respect of established standards and procedures.

In other words the right people doing things right!

Let’s get introduced:

Nikolaos-Antonios Livanos
Managing Director

Since the beginning, General Management, Business Development, Technical Management, Project Management

Nikolaos is the founder and managing director of EMTech. He combines a strong technical background with managerial abilities, being responsible for building and executing the company’s business development strategy.

He acts as a project manager, having proven experience in software engineering and software quality assurance space standards. He has a successful track-record of more than fifteen years of technical experience in embedded systems and software engineering. He acquires the qualification of MSc. degree in Electronics and BSc. degree in Physics, and he is currently completing a PhD research.

He loves reading, cycling, and travelling.

Marinos Livanos
Production Manager

Since the beginning, Production, Parts & Components Supply, Software Engineering

Marinos has eight years of experience in embedded systems hardware development and production. He has major involvement in the iReact-Solution’s cStation-Web application software development. He acquires experience in HTML, PHP, Java and Javascript programming languages.

He loves sports and computer games.

Georgios Stravopodis

Georgios Stravopodis
Administration & Marketing Manager

Georgios Stravopodis Linkedin

Since 2012, Administration, Project & Product Management, Marketing, Sales

Georgios has vast experience in IT sales but has also provided services in other business fields.

HHe manages the company’s iReact product for smart-grids, writes proposals for the ESA EMITS bidding system, handles all clerical tasks and abets conformance to procedures.

He loves arts and science (BSc. in physics, attending an MBA)

Athanasios Bougas
Senior Software Engineer

Since 2008, Software Engineering

Athanasios is a software engineer with fifteen years of experience in the technical lead, analysis, design and implementation of database systems and mission-critical real-time systems for the defense sector.

He provides software engineering services to EMTech, having a key role in the design, development and integration of database and real-time software systems. He has adopted the position of Lead Software Engineer of EMTech and holds the overall responsibility for the development process of software projects and products of the company.

He is a graduate of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Department of Informatics, and has a Professional Certification in Oracle Database Administration (DBA OCP).

He loves meditation and travelling.

Vagelis Alifragkis
Software Engineer

Since 2011, Software Engineering

Vagelis acquires extensive working experience in Software Design, Development and Documentation for Spacecraft Operational Simulators according to European Space Operations Centre (ESA/ESOC) development standards. He has more than three years of experience using SIMSAT and developing and designing related software in C\C++ specialized in SIMSAT Kernel's modules and Scheduler enhancements.

He loves good music and computer games.

Sami Hammal
Software Engineer

Since 2011, Software Engineering

Sami is a senior software engineer at EMTech currently holding a Bachelor degree in Electronics Engineering.

His work scope includes Software Design & Development specialized in space software engineering based on Model Driven Engineering.

He has a wide experience using the SIMULUS environment regarding ESA/ESOC Ground Operation System Spacecraft Simulator’s Framework and the SETG regarding Space Software Engineering Standards. He also has an extensive knowledge regarding SIMSAT environment, Gaia simulator, EGOS-MF and the SMP2 standard.

He loves cycling and travelling.

Georgia Soulioti
Software Engineer

Since 2014, Software Engineering

Georgia is one of the new crew members and her duties are the design and development within ESA’s simulation infrastructure (SIMULUS). Specifically, she is able to design, develop and document both SIMSAT components and SMP2 models based on the appropriate ESA/ESOC standards. Georgia has also experience in multiple programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, Perl and others.

She loves parrots, Latin music and dancing.

Efthimios Gkelis
Software Engineer

Since 2013, Software Engineering, IT Administration

Efthimios is one of the newest crew members and has experience for more than six years in web development using Java, PHP, HTML5 and SQL. One of his duties is developing mobile software applications, mainly for the Android platform. Lately, he has assumed the role of the company’s IT administrator making him one of the key persons for the company’s smooth operation.

Ηe loves traveling and in his free time he likes to engage with sport activities.

Evangelos P. Doukakis
Software Engineer

Since 2014, Computer and Software Engineering

Evangelos is an enthusiastic Software Engineer. He has attained an MSc-equivalent degree in ECE from the National Technical University of Athens. During his studies, he has acquired substantial experience in operating systems, algorithm theory, computer graphics, networks, as well as applied physics and mathematics. He has experience with Java, C/C++, Python, SQL and other programming languages.

In EMTech, he contributes in the whole software lifecycle development of specialized space engineering software and has gotten familiar with the ESA/ESOC programming standards. Specifically he has been involved in the design, documentation and development of SMP2-compliant simulation models.

Evangelos loves building stuff… with or without a computer

Christina Vanaka
Software Engineer

Since 2015, Software Engineering

Christina is one of the newest crew members. She studied at the Technological Institute of the Athens in the Department of Electronic Engineering. She joined EMTech in April 2015 as a software engineer intern and got acquainted with ESA’S simulation infrastructure (SIMULUS) and related standards such as SMP2 and REFA. Christina has experience in C/C++, Matlab/Octave and more recently in Python.

She loves painting, travelling and music.