EMTech offers state-of-the-art Spacecraft Simulation Optimization & Space Application Software products.

What we deliver




EMTech offers quality products & services.

Software engineering for space applications involves delicate design and development approaches. Since 2009, EMTech has been following the ECSS space engineering and quality assurance standards, delivering high quality products and services for ground segment applications.

By being a small and flexible team, we tailor our project management approaches according to the appropriate scheme, thus being able to adapt between Waterfall and Agile methodologies.

Technical skills and know-how include a large set of design tools, programming languages, and development environments, again following the appropriate space software engineering standards to always provide excellent documentation and code deliverables.

Proven experience is demonstrated via our products, targeting parallelization and performance optimization of spacecraft operational simulators that have been delivered to ESA/ESOC, and will be a valuable contribution to future spacecraft simulation missions.

Our services are categorized in four major directions:

- Spacecraft Simulators Development

- Performance Optimization of Spacecraft Operational Simulators

- Simulators’ Infrastructure Engineering

- Ground Segment Software


Spacecraft Simulators Development


Spacecraft Simulators Development

EMTech’s software engineering team possesses wide experience in software design, development and testing of spacecraft operational simulators based on Model & Component-based Software Architecture.

EMTech has gathered a group of several engineers, experienced in complementary fields, including Physics, Informatics, Electronics & Electrical Engineering, Embedded Systems, and Telecommunications, and has produced a highly motivated and powerful multidisciplinary team capable of providing solid solutions in the field of Spacecraft Simulation engineering.

Each team member is capable of using the ECSS-E-ST-40C and ECSS-Q-ST-80C space software engineering standards.

EMTech utilizes the EGOS Modelling Framework and Simulation Infrastructure in order to ensure conformance with ESA/ESOC’s standards and directives. All team members have gained wide experience using the SIMULUS Infrastructure, the Simulation Model Portability 2 (SMP2) standard and the Reference Architecture (REFA) to design, implement, and validate operational simulators. Our engineers are experts in UML design, GNU/Linux application programming, especially in C++ and Java, and have long and considerable experience in formal validation and system integration.

EMTech has participated in several projects involving spacecraft operational simulators, such as performance evaluation of Cryosat2, Aeolus and Swarm operational simulators, as well as performance optimization of GAIA operational simulator. Additionally, our team has designed and developed the PerfSim spacecraft operational simulator, which, based on REFA and REFA-Test Assemblies, is suitable to perform as “load inject” to evaluate simulation infrastructure’s performance.


Performance Optimization of Spacecraft Operational Simulators


Performance Optimization of Spacecraft Operational Simulators

Future, high complexity, spacecraft simulators will incorporate higher-fidelity models, several processor emulators and clusters of spacecrafts, all together running in the same co-simulation environment. Now, EMTech answers the question of how to take advantage of multi-core processors, by introducing parallelization and synchronization in models’ execution.

The Conservative-Parallel Discrete Event Simulation (C-PDES) scheduler has already been delivered to ESA/ESOC, to enhance the SIMSAT simulator kernel, and support future spacecraft operational simulator missions with multi-process and multi-threaded execution functionality.

Due to the high complexity and volume of spacecraft simulators, several different software engineering groups are collaborating during the design, development and validation phases. Apparently, difficulties emerge in controlling the implementation with respect to quality and performance.

Now, EMTech is offering the Performance Control and Optimization Framework (PCOF), which provides a set of performance measurement and reporting tools, plus a well-defined methodology, including several specific tasks and activities targeting to the retrieval of parallelization possibilities, execution’s bottlenecks and poor code implementations.

Together, PDES and PCOF, make a powerful combination of valuable tools to address performance optimization and parallelization of spacecraft simulators.

By having introduced and developed the concepts and the tools for operational simulators’ optimization in ESA/ESOC, we stand both as the pioneers and experts to support such optimization activities.


Simulators’ Infrastructure Engineering


Simulators’ Infrastructure Engineering

Simulation Infrastructure is defined as the platform which provides the execution environment for simulation models. EMTech has extensive experience in the internals of simulators’ infrastructure environments.

By having as major achievement the development of an innovative Conservative-Parallel Discrete Event Simulation (C-PDES) scheduler for SIMSAT, EMTech proved that parallel execution of spacecraft operational simulators is not only possible, but it is the only way forward for future complicated and computational intensive spacecraft simulators.

Moreover, EMTech exhibits a second major SIMSAT component, which is a proof-of concept for a novel SIMSAT Dataflow/Workflow scheduler, to cover the lack of concrete support for models’ Dataflow execution in the SMP2 standard.

Additionally, EMTech has introduced the Performance Control & Optimization Framework (PCOF), consisting of several run-time measurement tools, software utilities, procedures and a complete methodology, targeting to analysis, evaluation and performance optimization of spacecraft operational simulators. All run-time measurement tools are SIMSAT components by means of being interfaced inside the environment using CORBA technology.

Last but not least, EMTech currently works on adaptation technologies of non-SMP2 compliant simulation applications to the operational simulators, targeting to future’s complicated space multidisciplinary simulation arrangements. The simBridge is an SMP2 meta-model, designed to provide a flexible and seamless interfacing for SMP2 simulation environments. It is configurable, scalable, and easy-to-use software that can interconnect any external application just by providing a language-specific library or toolbox to handle the message transfer for each such application.


Ground Segment Software


Ground Segment Software

By being an ESA/ESOC qualified partner for the GFC8 Frame Contract since 2011, EMTech proves high-quality software engineering resources for participation in projects and consortiums regarding Ground Segment Data Infrastructure Systems.

Our team has substantial experience in fields like Object Oriented Analysis, Design Methodologies and Technologies, Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Web-Based Applications, Man-Machine Interface, Data Management and Business Information Framework. Our principal focus ranges in the areas of User Interfaces, DataBases, as well as Data/Signal Processing and Visualization.